Answer the Survey

This page explains the questionnaire after participating in the event.

You are able to answer a questionnaire after the event end.


How to answer after the event survey

To answer a questionnnaire, please click "Finished Event" tab on My Tickets page, then click an event you attended.

Please, click ""Answer the survey".


Choose Comprehensive evaluation and fill in comment, click "Save" to finish answering.


※Once you finish to answer a questionnaire, you aren't able to answer it again.


Invite person to the survey

If you apply an event with one application for the attendee, you are able to invite them to the survey.


To invite the survey, click "Invite person to the survey" on After event feedback page.


A window will pop up, then please confirm that the attendee's mail address is set in "mail address to invite" and click "Send an invitation email with this text".

You are also able to duplicate URL of "link to share" and tell the attendee it directly so the attendee is able to anser the survey.


When you are invited to the survey

The following email will be sent to the atendee invited to the survey.
Title:You have been invited to the survey from ◎◎


After clicking "Answer the survey", the After feedback page will pop up. Please answer the survey.

※Once you finish to answer the survey, you can't answer it again.


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