Off-line Check-in function

This page explains how to use the app to register off-line at venues that do not have an internet connection.

It is recommended to use the Check-In App in an online environment (connected to Wi-Fi or 4G connection "etc."). By using the Check-In App online, you will be able to check the check-in status of visitors in real time.

In general, connecting to a Wi-Fi connection is faster and smoother to read than a 4G connection.
For large events in particular, we recommend setting up your access point in stealth mode, where you have a Wi-Fi connection and visitors cannot access it.

If your Internet connection is unstable or there is an unexpected incident during check-in, you have the option of "offline check-in".

You must be online and update all check-in data before the start and after the end of check-in.

Here's how to set up an offline check-in in (For iOS).

1) Tap the "Settings" icon and select the "check-in" app.

2) Turn off "Real-time check-in enabled".