[Premium] Ticket Distribution and Display Settings

This page explains how to set up the email delivery/app display of your tickets.

If you'd like to send a participation ticket by post, you don't want to automatically send the PDF ticket or you want to force attendees to use the attendee app, you can use the function.


This is a paid function, so you will need to pay a separate fee to use it.


  • Email

    Whether or not to attach a PDF ticket to the order confirmation email

  • My tickets

    Whether to display the "Download PDF ticket" button on the My tickets page.

  • App

    Whether or not to allow display of the tickets in the EventRegist for Attendees app.

Once you've set the details of the ticket click the "Save" button.


▼ Sample of a order complete email with ticket
* Ticket linked in body of email as well as PDF ticket attached


▼ Example of ticket display on "My Tickets" page.


▼ Ticket display within attendee app


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