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[Premium] Timetable

This is an introduction to the timetable feature that allows you to manage the number of applicants per session.

Timetabling is a feature that allows multiple venues, flexible time slots, and session-by-session management for large conferences where multiple sessions or breakout sessions are held concurrently.

This is a paid function, so you will need to pay a separate fee to use it.

If you are interested, please contact our sales staff or contact us using the "Inquiry about EventRegist" form.

Usage scenario

  • When a large event has breakout sessions on multiple tracks at the same time
  • If you want to keep track of the number of applications by setting a limit for each session
  • If you want to control admission at the entrance of each session based on pre-registration status


  • You can display speaker information and session summaries
  • Participants can register for the event by specifying the session they want to attend
  • Once a session reaches capacity, limit further registrations
  • Sessions can be limited by ticket type

Click here for a demo page using the timetable feature.
※This demo page is in Japanese only.

If you want to see how to configure the settings on the EventRegist management screen, please see "Learn more" below.
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