"My Events" Page

This page explains the "My Events" screen where you can see all the events you have created.

"My Events" is a page for managing event that you have created. 


  1. My Events
  2. Event Management Dashboard
  3. Payment Details

1. My Events

Once an event is created, "My Events" will appear at the top of the screen after login to EventRegist.


All the events that you have created to date are shown in the "My Events" listing. For each event, there is a date, number of ticket applications, status such as open or closed, and a button to open the edit screen or event page (ticket registration page).


Above the event name, the date and time of the event will be displayed.
Below the event name, the number of ticket applications/total number of tickets (Remaining inventory) will be displayed.

The current status is displayed in the upper right corner of the event name.

  • Live : Events that are currently live.
  • Live(key symbol): Currently live events that are password protected.
  • Draft : Events that are currently saved as a draft. They have not yet been published.
  • Canceled : This is an event that was cancelled after it was made public.
  • Finished : This is an event that has passed its date and time.
  • Under Examination : Due to your event being under investigation by EventRegist, your event is temporarily unavailable on the site.
  • Withdrawn : Due to our investigation of the content of your event, the event has been withdrawn from the site.

The following operations are available from each button located at the bottom right of the event name.

  • Edit/Manage : The event management screen will appear. You can edit the event page, add ticket information, manage participants, etc.
  • Event Page : The actual event page will open.
  • Duplicate : Create a copy of the event.
    *You cannot duplicate an event for which you have become a "multi-user admin account".
  • Preview : Draft events will show a preview of the event page.

2. Event Management Dashboard

From the list of My Events, click on each event name or the [ Edit/Manage ] button to display the "Event Management Dashboard" for that event.

The Event Management Dashboard displays "To Do" to assist in setting up the event, "Overview" to show the status of the event, "Sales" and other information.

The bottom of the page displays "Ticket Type" and inquiries received via the contact form.Please move to each menu from the left side navigation menu to confirm or change settings.



3. Payment Details

Once the event is over, the "Payment Details" data can be displayed.

The "Sales" column displays sales for which the transaction currency is "Japanese Yen" and the payment method is credit card (PayPal).
Sales other than those listed above will not be included in the "Sales" column.

Open the Event Management Dashboard by selecting the event name from the [ Finished ] tab in My Events. Click the [ Payment details ] button above the "Sales" column.
 * The [ Payment details ]  button will not appear until the event is finished.


Payment details will appear in a new window. You may alter the name field freely. If necessary, click [Print the following payment statement] button to print or save it.



Please refer to the following pages for information on ticket sale handling fees and bank transfer fees.

Learn more: Ticket sale handling fee for Non-free Event and receive of ticket sales proceeds


If the above does not solve your problem, please contact us via the inquiry form.
(Our business hours are from 10:00am to 6:00pm Japan time on weekdays. For inquiries made on weekends and holidays, our response may be on the next business day.)