Ticket sale handling fee for Non-free Event and receive of ticket sales proceeds

This page explains for organizers the ticket handling fees charged when selling paid tickets, how to receive the ticket sales proceeds, and how to cancel paid tickets.


  1. Ticket sale handling fee for Non-free Event and receive of ticket sales proceeds
  2. Cancellation of paid tickets


1.Ticket sale handling fee for Non-free Event and receive of ticket sales proceeds

If you sell paid tickets on EventRegist, you will be charged a ticket sale handling fee of 8% of the ticket sale amount.(If you are selling free tickets, there is no ticket sale handling fee.)

*Domestic Japan handling fees only. For organizing an event outside Japan, please get in touch with us separately.


■ How to receive the ticket sale funds

As a general rule, we will transfer the ticket price minus sales charges and bank transfer fees to the account specified by the event organizer within 10 business days after the event.
*All figures after the decimal point of the payment amount will be rounded down.
 e.g. If the amount to be transferred is 35,690.6 yen, 35,690 yen will be transferred.

■ About bank transfer fees

The bank transfer from EventResist to the event organizer will be made by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. The event organizer will be responsible for the bank transfer fee.
*We do not accept payment by invoice.

The bank transfer fee will be 250 yen if the transfer amount is 30,000 yen or more, and 160 yen if the transfer amount is less than 30,000 yen.
The amount of money transferred to the event organizer will be the amount after deducting 8% of the ticket sales amount and the bank transfer fee.


Please be sure to register your bank transfer information before the end of the event.
If you do not register or if your registration information is incorrect, we may not be able to make the transfer or the transfer may be delayed.

Learn more: Add/Edit Banking Information

2.Cancellation of paid tickets

After selling paid tickets, if you wish to cancel the sold tickets before the end of the event, you can do so from the event management screen of the organizer. Once the set event end date and time has passed, the cancellation procedure will not be available on the system.
Event organizers will be charged the following fees for cancellations of tickets that are more than 50 days  or more after  the ticket purchase.

■ Cancellation date is less than 50 days after ticket purchase

No cancellation fee will be charged.
When a ticket is cancelled, the ticket is automatically refunded and an email is sent to the ticket purchaser informing them that the ticket was cancelled.

■ Cancellation date is 50 days or more after ticket purchase

A cancellation fee will be charged by the event organizer.
When you cancel, the ticket purchaser will automatically receive a cancellation notice. Refund of the ticket price to the purchaser will be made after payment of the cancellation fee by the event organizer.

Cancellation fees are as follows per ticket.

- If the ticket price 3,000 or less per ticket : 300 yen per ticket
- If the ticket price 3,001 yen or more per ticket : 10% of the ticket price per ticket

No fees are incurred by the ticket purchaser.
In the case of credit card payment, the actual timing of the refund to the applicant depends on the closing date of the credit card used. In some cases, the cancellation will be processed before the credit card is debited, while in other cases, the refund will be made after the credit card has been debited. To confirm when the refund will be made to the applicant, the applicant should contact the credit card company.

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