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Frequently Asked Questions (For attendees)

This page explains some of the most frequently asked questions from event attendees.


  1. About EventRegist/Sign-up
  2. Ticket Order/Cancellation
  3. Attend an event
  4. Contacting the Event Organizer
  5. About the app for event attendees
    *The “EventRegist for Attendees” App was discontinued on August 31, 2022.
  6. About Viewing in Online Events with EventRegist-enavle


1.About EventRegist/Sign-up

Q. What is EventRegist?
EventRegist is a tool for creating, collecting funds and managing attendance. Anyone can easily create an event.

Q. Why does EventRegist require sign-up?

In order to register for tickets for events created with EventRegist, you need sign-up to EventRegist. After completing EventRegist sign-up, you can utilize useful features like downloading your tickets from your "My Tickets" page or downloading receipt data (non-free tickets only and depending on the exact settings by the event organizer). For this reason, we ask that you sign-up for an account at time of ticket purchase.

Q. After completing sign-up, why didn't I get a confirmation email?

After signing up, an email is sent to the email that you specified containing a confirmation button (and a URL). By clicking the link, your sign-up will be completed. If you don't receive this email, the causes may be as follows.

  • Your ISP may be mistaking the email for spam (unsolicited email).  The email may be placed in your junk/spam folder.
  • You may have made an error when entering the wrong email at sign-up time
  • In the case of mobile carrier email, the domain may be blocked. (set your email so that it can receive emails from the eventregist.com domain)

Q. I forgot my login password.

If you have forgotten your EvenRegist login password, please reset your password.
If you enter your password incorrectly a few times, your account will be locked, but once you reset your password, you will be able to log in.

Learn more:Resetting Your Password

Q. Can I change my email address?

Changing the email address registered as the login ID for EvenRegist and changing the email address registered as the applicant for the event (ticket) are set up differently.
If you have already signed up for an upcoming event, you will need to be careful. Please refer to the following page to make the change.

▶ Learn more:Changing Your Email Address

2.Ticket Order/Cancellation

Q. Is their a fee I have to pay when buying tickets?
No. No handling fees are charged to attendees.

Q. What methods of payment are available?

We support PayPal as well as credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, JCB,American Express*).We use Indonesia Veritrans for payment in Indonesia.
*American Express is accepted as long as the logo is displayed on the registration page.

Q. Can I get an official receipt?

Yes. You can display official receipt data. However, this depends on the event organizer enabling this feature. In the case that it is enabled, a "Display receipt data" button will appear on your My Tickets page after you have purchased your ticket. Using this, you can display and print receipt data as needed.

Q. I'm interested in an event but the organizer is a stranger, so I'm wondering if it's really OK for me to attend.

EventRegist is unable to judge the contents of an event.  Please get in touch with the Event Organizer and make your ticket purchase only when you are sure of the contents of the event. To find out how to contact the event organizer, see the help page below.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer

Q.Where can I find the password for the event?

If the event organizer has passworded the event and set it to private, only those who know the password will be able to see the details of the event.If the event is a closed event with a limited number of applicants, the organizer may provide you with the password.

Q. When I purchase a ticket, why do I also have to sign-up for the EventRegist?

When you sign-up at time of ticket purchase, you can access the "My Tickets" page from which you can re-download your PDF ticket and give ratings and feedback for events you've attended. If you'd like to cancel your account, please do so after the event for which you have registered has finished.
The end of the event is the "Event End Date" set by the event organizer.

Q. How do I cancel a ticket I have already applied for?

Applicants are not allowed to make their own cancellation arrangements. Please contact the event organizer directly to find out if it is possible to cancel.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer

Q. An event for which I had bought a ticket was suddenly canceled. What should I do?
There is a possibility that organizer has deleted the relevant event page. If you're not aware of the reason for the cancellation, please contact the event organizer directly.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer

Q.I got an error during the ticketing process, have you completed your order?
Once your ticket order is complete, you will receive an "Order Confirmation" email to your registered email address.
Or you can login to EventRegist and check your ticket on "My Tickets" page.
If there is an error during the ticket order process, and you are not sure whether your ticket order is complete or not, please contact the event organizer directly.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer

If you are unable to pay for your order due to the maintenance of your payment system, please wait a little longer and try again.
We are not able to confirm the reason for the error on the PayPal or credit card payment screens, so please contact your PayPal or credit card company.

Q. I can't apply for a ticket by credit card.
It has been reported that in rare cases, due to browser settings, an error message such as "You cannot use this credit card" may appear on the payment screen.
Please check the following points about the credit card you are using.
(1) Make sure that the credit card number is correct.
(2) The security code (the three digits on the back of the card) must be correct.
(3) The expiration date has not expired.
(4) The maximum amount of usage is not exceeded.

Also, please login to EventRegist and go to the "My Tickets" page to confirm that your ticket request is not yet complete.
If you have not completed your order, please contact your credit card company for more information.


3.Attend an Event

Q. I can't find the "Ticket Purchase Complete" email I got when I purchased the ticket. Is it possible to reissue the PDF ticket?
Yes, of course. Login to EventRegist, select the relevant event from "My Tickets" and re-download your ticket.

Learn more:Downloading Tickets

Q. I don't have a printer, so I'm not able to print the PDF ticket

On the PDF ticket, there is a QR Code that is used to check you into the event on the day. If you can't print out your ticket, please contact the event organizer in advance.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer

Q.I can't print my ticket. Can I use my smart phone to present the ticket to the receptionist?
Event registration methods vary depending on the event. Please contact the event organizer directly to find out if you can register for the event by presenting a ticket on your smart phone.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer

Q. I've forgotten the event venue and time
You can check the ticket that you received by email from EventRegist at the time that you signed up for the event, or you can login to EventRegist and check the event details by selecting the relevant event from the "My Tickets" section.

Click here for My Tickets

Learn more: How to Use "My Ticket" Page


4.Contacting the Event Organizer

Q. How do I contact the event organizer?
Click on the "Contact the event organizer" button at the bottom right of the event page. When you fill out the contact form, an email will be sent to the event organizer.
[Smartphone / App]
Please tap the gray "?"button at the top right corner of the event page and enter your inquiry. You will be sent an email to the event organizer.

Learn more:Contacting the Event Organizer


5.About the app for event attendees

As of August 31, 2022, the “EventRegist for Attendees” App for attendees (iOS and Android versions) has been discontinued.
Please refer to this announcement.


6.About Viewing in Online Events with EventRegist-enavle

Q.Online events are not available for viewing

Please check the recommended environment.

■Recommended Web browser
Google Chrome83(PC)

■Supported Web browsers
Google Chrome 16 or newer(PC)
Safari 7 or newer(Mac)
Opera 12.1 or newer(PC)
Firefox 11 or newer(PC)
Microsoft Edge 12 or newer(PC)

If your cookies are blocked or your browser is set to private mode, you may not be able to watch the video delivery, please deactivate it. If you can't watch the video, please change your browser and try again.

Q.Displayed as "inaccessible"

When you register for an EventRegist-enavle implementation event, the data will be automatically synchronized. If you get a "Cannot access" message on the view page immediately after registering the ticket, please wait for 10 minutes until the process is completed.


If the above does not solve your problem, please contact us via the inquiry form.
(Our business hours are from 10:00am to 6:00pm Japan time on weekdays. For inquiries made on weekends and holidays, our response may be on the next business day.)